The Vidyalaya Website is a unique platform to showcase the literary and creative pursuits of its family members. While nurturing the potential of our young learners, I would like to urge, the Parents to inspire their children to grab this opportunity to participate and excel in the various activities of the Vidyalaya, both scholastic and non-scholastic.
KendriyaVidyalayaFortWilliam, has been a trend setter in the field of education with its diverse set of tools and resources. Our motto is to “encourage excellence” in all spheres of life, while preparing the students for ever changing global needs. The excellent infrastructure and high academic standards set by the Vidyalaya only proves the progressive development of the students’ innate powers.

In the words of Mark Twain “ There is nothing training cannot do. Nothing is above its reach. It can turn Bad morals to good; it can destroy Bad principles and recreate good ones; It can lift men to angelship”.

Discover how we blend tradition and modernity to train and carve the young minds with the help of the enlightened staff and supportive parents hand in hand.Knowledge combined with guidance can spell success. Hard work is the key of success. We take pride in carving the citizens of tomorrow who would certainly be victorious from all walks of life. A diligent and an enterprising worker is always rewarded. At FortWilliam, the efforts along with efficiency and skillsare duly rewarded. This boosts the morale of the performance who never quits. It is our aim to drive the quest for zeal and never to quit spirit, even in the most difficult, in all spheres of life. It is my endeavour to see that the Vidyalaya scales greater heights of glory in the days to come.

“Education and learning opens a new door to a world of progress.”
Lets pledge to strive together for a vibrant and benevolent tomorrow.